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SATR, who works and lives in Guangzhou, has been exposed to street art since 13 years. Her original spray painting atomization shape method makes her animals very dynamic, taking fog as the shape, which is different from the realistic shaping of western oil painting, and deeply studies the permeability of graffiti spray paint, so that her works still have the charm of ink in addition to peeling off traditional Chinese painting tools, so SATR's works can see the profound exuberance of western graffiti and the soft "XieYi "(traditional chinese painting style in vivid expression and bold outline) brushwork of oriental painting, which runs through her works all the time. The signature of the ancient seal cutting style is the oriental imprint that she conveys to the outside world.


2016   HKwalls, Hong Kong

2016   POW!WOW!Taiwan!, Taiwan

2016   Secret Walls, Taiwan

2016   Graffiti event maglev train event, Changsha, China

2017   Wallskar street art festival, Hunan, China

2017   WayHome graffiti competition champion, Xian, China

2017   Looperfest, Milan, Italy

2017   Chinese and German graffiti cultural exchange, Germany

2017   POW!WOW!Taiwan!, Taiwan

2018   Wallskar street art festival, Hunan, China

2018   Graffiti trip 2.0 graffiti event, Luonan, China

2018   Dirty wall street art festival,Taiwan

2018   OUTLOUD Street Art Festival, Macao

2019   Wallskar street art festival, Hongkong

2019   Brisbane Street Art Festival, Brisbane, Australia

2019   Peinture Fraiche Festival, Lyon, France

2019   Rexenerfest, Galicia, Spain

2019   Looperfest, Milan, Italy 

2019   Urban Morphogenesis Festival, Odintsovo, Russia

2019   Meeting of styles, Mexico City, Mexico

2020   798 Street Art Festival, Beijing, China

2020   FaSheng Art Festival, Shanghai, China

2020   Secret Walls champion, Shanghai, China

2021   Art empowers the country, Hunan, China

2021   Grenoble Street Art Fest, Grenoble, France

2021   Urban Morphogenesis Festival, Solnechnodolsk, Russia

2021   Tucun 2.0 Art Festival, Hunan, China

2022   Vivaconaguaarts festival, Hamburg, Germany

2022   Laon street art festival, Laon, France

2022   Abode of chaos, Lyon, France

2022   Stadt.Wand.Kunst, Mannheim, Germany

2022   Metropolink festival, Heidelberg, Germany

2022   Mairie 13, Paris, France

2022   Boiling street art festival, Shanghai, China


2015   Yo girls graffiti exhibition, Part-Of Gallery, HongKong

2016   12 Monkeys exhibition, Shanghai, China

2017   JardinOrange Gallery artist residency, Shenzhen, China

2017   NIKE IGNITE BRILLIANCE Art exhibition, Beijing, China

2018   SOUR Graffiti Art exhibition, Guangzhou, China

2018   Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

2018   CXT fashion show, Guangzhou, China

2018   Animals told me Solo Art Show, Toronto, Canada

2019   HKwalls group exhibition, HongKong

2020   Wonderland Shoes Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

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